CareNet GuestHouse Graduation!

When a mom who has been a resident is prepared and seems adequately equipped to leave the Waco CareNet guest house, she goes through a process of steps, meeting with those who have provided her directional guidance and together they decide on a date for her graduation. This means she will not be living in the safe community of the CareNet guesthouse but she will live independently because she is ready. It is believed that she is prepared to stand on her own feet and no longer needs the intense daily support of the CareNet staff and volunteers. This is a celebrated event, though it is usually faced with both anticipation and trepidation. While she is still free to take advantage of many of the services and resources provided by CareNet, she no longer needs to live in the community of the GuestHouse. Her time there has hopefully been successful in serving to train and equip her. All this has given her the stability and independence she did not have before her move in day.

One of the multitudes of amazing services provided for a mom in crisis is that she is required to save 30% of her working income. The director of the GuestHouse sets up a savings account for her. So, when she graduates, she does so with a nice nest egg allowing her to make deposits and set up her household.

This week, those of us from Redeemer Waco who are partnering with CareNet, were privileged to be part of our first graduation. This was certainly not the first mom to graduate but it was our first in which to participate and it was glorious! We were even given the opportunity to help a bit in her move. We needed strength, so four of our men joined us. The delight on this mom’s face and her words of gratitude are forever etched on our hearts.

We are beyond grateful that the Lord graciously is allowing us these front row seats in His amazing work of providing for those who are selflessly making the choice of life for their unborn!


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